Ignite your imagination and discover challenges and experiments you can do at home with our SparkLab team.

Walking Water

Take part in this colourful challenge where we test the properties of various household materials to see if they are able to absorb and even transport water from one container to another via the process of Capillary Action. Set up you own investigation from home and test, track, and observe what happens.

Gravity Run

In this challenge you will build your very own Gravity run using a series of items found around the house such as cardboard and paper rolls. Problem solve to build a successful track to carry a ball from the start all the way to the finish. Once you’ve made one, try see if you can make an even longer Gravity run.

Mix Master

What happens when you mix two or more substances together? Mixing two chemicals together can sometimes lead to surprising changes. In this challenge, use household items available to predict and observe what happens when you combine chemicals and become a mix master.

Zip to it

In this challenge, you will make a device to safely transport a person or object, across tricky terrain, along a zip line. Test your design on a variety of zip lines of varying lengths, angles and materials.

Balance Bridge

How many different bridge designs can you make to cross a river? In this challenge you will use only blocks, books or other household items and design and build a stable bridge without using any tape or glue.

Maker Space challenges

Imagine and design solutions to various Maker Space challenges. Make your prototype from a range of everyday materials and test out your design. Create land sailing rovers, earthquake proof structures, mini chairs and more. View the Maker Space challenges.