Schools & groups

The Sciencentre offers hours of interactive, science-based fun and learning for kids of all ages (including the 'big kids'!).

There are no 'visitors' at the Sciencentre - everyone is a 'participant'. This place is a 100% hands-on experience!

The Sciencentre is located on Level 1 of Queensland Museum. You may wish to combine your Sciencentre visit with a visit to the rest of the Museum.

Hands-on exhibits in the Sciencentre Hands-on exhibits in the Sciencentre Freezing balloons in a Science Theatre Show Freezing balloons in a Science Theatre Show

1. Choose your experience

The first step in planning a school or group visit to the Sciencentre and Museum is to research our current and upcoming exhibitions, events and programs.

2. Make a booking

It is essential that you book all school and group visits. This is to ensure that our staff are available to meet and assist your group, and that you have access to exhibitions and experiences.

Please book as early as possible. 

Make your booking.

3. Prepare for your visit

  • Read our planning information for visiting the Sciencentre to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable visit.
  • Browse our learning resources for before, during and after your Sciencentre and Museum visit.
  • Use our Queensland Museum Loans service to borrow science kits, technology related objects, specimens and artefacts.

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