School programs

Schools visiting the Sciencentre are booked into a two hour program. The program consists of two parts:

  • Hands-on exhibits - self guided
  • Science Theatre Show - led by Museum staff.

Hands-on exhibits

Almost 100 interactive exhibits are available for students to engage, explore and explain.

Exhibits are divided into three galleries: 

Teachers may visit the Sciencentre for a Teacher Preview to familiarise themselves with the exhibits and facilities. Contact the Group Bookings Officer to arrange free entry.

Science Theatre Show

All schools and groups with a minimum of 20 paying visitors are booked into a Science Theatre Show as part of the visit.

Science Theatre Shows change every semester and are based around a central theme. Visit Science Theatre Shows for current show topic/theme.

Shows are led by Museum staff and are varied in content and delivery to suit the year level of the audience. Students are active participants in the show, through volunteering for demonstrations, responding to questions, group role play and more.

All Science Theatre Shows complement the Australian curriculum.


You must make a booking to visit the Sciencentre.  A visit to the Sciencentre is a charged program. 

School programs in the Museum

Browse school programs in the museum if your visit includes the Sciencentre and Queensland Museum. Programs cover a range of topics including megafauna, insects, animals and adaptations, biodiversity and classification, museums and collections and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. 


Browse our resources for before, during and after your Sciencentre and Museum visit.