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Hands On Science

These sturdy, interactive exhibits demonstrate a range of physical science principles through object interaction and exploration. Explore light, force, energy and change. Use in classrooms, science fairs and public displays.
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This inflatable planetarium can display a dynamic image of the night sky as viewed at any time or from any place on earth. It can show the moon, the stars and the planets throughout their day/night and seasonal cycles.
Starlab consists of an inflatable dome and a star projector. The dome is 3.5m high and requires 7m x 7m of flat floor space. It can hold up to 25 adults seated on the floor. The fan and projector run off a normal power supply. The dome comes packed in canvas bag, with its projector and fan (used to inflate the dome) in two cases. The total weight of the three containers is approximately 59kg.
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