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Mystery killer and mass murder

Dead frogs may have been regurgitated by a predator

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  • Mystery scats

    February 2017

    We have found three of these large scats in our enclosed pergola near our bird cage in the past three days. We have searched everywhere and cannot find the animal that is leaving them.

  • Are you my Mother?

    January 2017

    We have found a young bird. What is it and what should we do?

    How should I look after it? There are no adult birds around and I cannot see a nest. Anyway I have heard that once a person handles a young bird the parents will abandon it. It is a baby so I cannot leave it alone by itself, something may attack it.

  • What is this turtle and what is it doing?

    December 2016

    Several months ago I found a turtle beside the path churning up the mud. Is it a native species and what was it doing?

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