Move it

Spinning chair
Newton's cradle

Examine how different structures, materials and machines help make things move.

Build an arch
Build a giant arch with blocks. You'll need a friend to hold things up until the last block goes in. Now - test it.

Stop the spin
Spin and stop the wheels as fast as you can. Why does one cooperate and the other does not? What are engine flywheels?

What next?
Spin our wacky pendulum. We guarantee you won't guess what it gets up to next (it never does the same thing twice).

Ball race
Is shorter, quicker? Take a guess, then race the balls to find out which one will win.

Uphill roller
Things seem to roll in the wrong direction here. After all gravity does make things fall down - doesn't it?

Cushion of air 
This is where you 'lubricate with air'. Try it with air, and try it without. Notice the difference.

Spinning chair
Sit, belt up and spin out. Take control: speed up or slow down using your body. Discover the tricks that skaters, dancers, gymnasts and divers use.
Warning: don't do this just after a meal!

Newton's cradle
Hanging from rope are 7 plastic balls. Your job is to find the pattern to how they bounce. Try it with one, try it with two, try it until... you work out the pattern!

Pulley yourself up 
Hop in the chair and pull yourself up. This time, you'll learn about pulleys!

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