Hear it

Make vibrations and explore the science of sound.


Did you ever think a rubber thong could make music? Go on - pick up the thong and slap out a tune.

Chime pipes
Listen to the chime. Tap on the pipes to make different notes. Start with the longest and work through to the shortest. What have you discovered?

Pluck and play
Time for tea! Pluck out a tune on our tea chest bass and learn about changing sounds.

Splashes of sound
See how sounds make things vibrate. Tweak it higher, tweak it lower. Can you make a fountain of sound splashes?

Siren sounds 
Use a jet of air and a special spinning disc to find out the difference between music and noise.

All exhibits are serviced regularly. However, due to high usage and volume of visitors, on occasion some exhibits might be undergoing routine maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience.